Hugh Sheehan


Active Projects

Maija Kauhanen & Hugh Sheehan

Maija Kauhanen and Hugh Sheehan form an artistic duo that uses the Finnish traditional instrument kantele together with electronics and other extra-musical objects. Their work explores the internal characteristics of sound, the slowly developing complexities of a performance, and the impact of audience and performer position on a performance, and is concerned with notions of parity and polarity.

In Summer 2023 the duo were in residence at Tero Saarinen Company, working In the company’s studio which features an immersive audio system by Genelec, devising work that utilises spatial audio, and conducting experiments in both the audience’s and performers’ position, in movement and gesture.

Hugh Sheehan (ENG) – accordion, vocals, synthesisers, harmonium, guitar, sound design
Maija Kauhanen (FI) – kanteles, vocals, synthesisers, sound design

Timo Alakotila & Hugh Sheehan

In their dynamic partnership, pianist Timo Alakotila and accordionist Hugh Sheehan breathe new life into the Irish musical tradition. Specialising in arranging tunes from trad’s rich repertoire, as well as showcasing Hugh's own compositions, the duo's performances are a celebration of creativity and reverence.

Hugh's lyrical accordion playing, steeped in the Irish accordion tradition, finds a perfect companion in Timo's deft hands. With an exceptional ear for arrangement, Timo weaves intricate accompaniments around the melodies. The duo's music is a testament to the power of collaborative symbiosis, where tradition meets innovation, weaving together their respective musical heritages of Finland and Ireland, resulting in performances that are both authentic and refreshingly inventive.

Dormant Projects

Sheehan and Grey

Sheehan and Grey is an accordion and fiddle duo from Birmingham, England, and Loch Ness, Scotland, respectively.



Experimental improvisatory music on sax and electronics with Greg Sterland


Sheehan/Lautamaja combine the accordion traditions of the northern and western-most points of Europe - Finland and Ireland. The duo combines the two diatonic instruments in a unique setting (Leija playing the G/C system, Hugh the B/C), with their arrangements exploring the limitations and idiosyncrasies of their instruments and respective traditions.